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Condominium Management Services

Our basic Management Services include, but are not limited to, the following areas:​

Administrative Services


  • Advise Board Members and Owners on bylaws, acts, rules and regulations;

  • Obtain insurance and appraisals for the property;

  • Administer insurance claims, review policies, and renewals;

  • Prepare, negotiate, and administer contracts and legal documents;

  • Assist Boards of Directors with bylaw enforcement and policy set-up;

  • Attend AGM and regular Board meetings;

  • Assist in the preparation of reserve fund study and reserve fund plan;

  • Prepare estoppels certificates and provide condo sale documents;

  • Attend all regular and emergency phone calls; and

  • Assist owners with requests, concerns, and questions.


Maintenance Services​

  • Conduct recurrent property inspections and seasonal walk-arounds;

  • Prepare monthly and annual maintenance plans for the properties;

  • Administer and maintain program on regular repairs and maintenance;

  • Collect and provide bids and estimates for Boards of Directors consideration;

  • Review, negotiate, and administer trades contracts;

  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of trades and vendors;

  • Manage contractor’s invoices and payments;

  • Arrange monthly and annual building inspections (fire alarm, etc.);

  • Maintain contractor’s information for regular and emergency services;

  • Ensure on regular bases that the property is well maintained and safe; and

  • Immediately respond to an Emergency 24/7

Financial Services

  • Provide monthly financial reports and packages;

  • Collect and deposit monthly contributions;

  • Track arrears, and follow-up on delinquent accounts;

  • Prepare annual operating budget for the Corporation;

  • Invest Reserve Fund monies;

  • Assist with short and long-term investment planning;

  • Manage account payable and invoices;

  • Document and maintain auditable files; arrange annual audit;

  • Maintain accounting records for all transactions;

  • Provide detailed account information at Board request; and

  • Make the best effort to save on costs.

We offer on-site one hour complimentary consultation to Boards of Directors.

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